Quinoa-Potato Burger Patties
Appetizer, Mains

Fresh Herb Quinoa-Potato Burger Patties


 Fresh Herb Quinoa-Potato Burger Patties are succulent, protein-rich patties, stuffed with fresh herbs, rolled in breadcrumbs, and finally shallow fried to perfection to satisfy even a meat-eater. Restaurants have been offering “Veggie Burgers” since the beginning of the 21st century. From “falafels” in Middle Eastern cuisine to  “vadas (vada pav)” in India, […]

Garam Masala Arancini with truffle oil and saffron

Garam Masala Arancini with Truffle oil


 Garam Masala Arancini with truffle oil is my latest in my crazy experimental laboratory aka my kitchen. Every year I host a Diwali party at my house for my friends and family. There is an expectation that I would be making something exciting and new and of course delicious. The […]