Butternut Squash Vadai

Butternut Squash Vadai (Fritter)


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrHave you had those days when you are distracted but you have people coming over for dinner and so obviously everything goes wrong? I have those often but once what was looking to be a disaster turned out to be delicious. Yep, I am talking about this recipe for Butternut […]

Mixed Peppers Pasta Upma

Mixed Peppers Pasta Upma – South Indian Style


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrWhat do you get when you combine sweet mixed peppers with carrots and green Kale, toss them with Penne pasta, and garnish with South Indian style tempering of aromatic spices, aka, tadka, curry leaves and crunchy peanuts?!!! You get an Italian in South India, shaking hands over a delectable, healthy […]

Potato Hummus Parathas

(Aloo) Potato Hummus Parathas


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrI love parathas. Especially ones that are protein packed. Adding hummus to the usual potato filling gives it a distinctly Mediterranean twist to this delicious Indian classic. And this Potato Hummus Parathas is a spectacular lunch meal, wholesome, healthy and a complete winner. My family loves it. (Aloo) Potato Parathas Aloo […]

multigrain sandwich
Breads, Mains

Parmesan Coleslaw, Fire Roasted Corn, Spinach Multigrain Sandwich


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrI made this bread, “Bloomer” Multigrain Bread a couple days back and it’s been sitting on the kitchen whispering every day, “use me”, very lovingly. Or creepily, depending who is listening. Ok, back on track. It’s been beckoning me to make a sandwich. Now my normal breakfast every day is […]

"Bloomer" Multigrain Bread

“Bloomer” Multigrain Bread


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrI realized late one evening that I had nothing in the house for breakfast. No eggs, no bread, no cereal and no dosai maavu. I was low on flour too, whole wheat, all-purpose. What I did have was a Multigrain Flour that my friend had given me which she said […]

Summer Vegetable Couscous Stir-fry
Appetizer, Mains, Recipes

Saffron infused Summer Vegetable Couscous Stir-fry


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrSaffron infused Summer Vegetable Couscous Stir-fry is a light, welcoming and satisfying side or main course. A perfect homage to the summer farmers market loot. Is vegetable stir-fry a no-brainer during summer? Absolutely! The market is overflowing with the bounty of the harvest with rich flavors and mesmerizing taste. It’s so […]

Grapefruit Iced Tea
Appetizer, Drinks

Ginger Grapefruit Iced Tea


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrThe weather is hot and I long for a refreshing iced tea. So I grabbed the grapefruit from the bowl, squeezed it, made syrup, added water and Voila! Ginger Grapefruit Iced Tea. It’s that easy. The slight bitterness from the grapefruit pairs marvelous with ginger from the tea bags. The resulting […]

Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins …..simply irresistible!


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrBlueberry Muffins are simply irresistible. Fresh luscious blueberries folded into a simple batter make sweet flavor bursting muffins with a firm cake-like crumb. Though I categorize them under Dessert, I can eat these for breakfast, snack, and dessert. Blueberries Blueberries are new age fruits to me. I tasted them only after […]

Italian Buttercream

Perfect Italian Buttercream


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrCrème au Beurre or buttercream is a light, smooth icing that we use often in pastry kitchens. I learned how to make buttercream at my culinary school – International Culinary Center. Buttercreams taste heavenly. Did I mention that? There are many variations of the basic formula of the buttercream. The well known […]