Spinach Pesto

Pistachio Spinach Pesto


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrI love pesto! It’s one of these easy, delicious concoctions that can be spread on or tossed with anything. The Pistachio Spinach Pesto is one such wonders. The creamy, rich pistachios blend marvelously with the nutritious, brilliant green spinach. The resulting pesto is satisfyingly nutty, a little sweet, garlicky, with […]

Tomato Relish

Spicy Tomato Relish


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrThis Tomato Relish is spicy, tangy and so full of flavor that explodes in your mouth. I love this relish. I recently made this for a gift basket order and it was a big hit. Spicy Tomato Relish Don’t you just love tradition! This is my grandmother’s recipe (Thakali Thoku in Tamil).  […]

Onion Jam
Jams and Jellies, Sauces/Pesto/Chutney/Vinaigrettes

Balsamic Vinegar infused Onion Jam


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrOnion Jam is an unusual, versatile and surprisingly delicious condiment, that will elevate every dish you pair it with. You can spread in on muffins, focaccia bread, make sandwiches, top a roast chicken or seared fish…. the possibilities are endless. If you have been reading my blog, you will have […]

Olive Tapenade

Walnut and Olive Tapenade


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrWalnut and Olive Tapenade is the perfect accompaniment for hors-d’oeuvres, served in a small bowl, surrounded by tiny toasted bread slices/crunchy veggies or tossed with linguine or as spread for sandwiches. Olives Olives are an acquired taste for those who have not grown up with them. I, however, latched on […]


Cashew-Butter Vinaigrette


 share…emailPrintPinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinYummlyTumblrCashew-Butter Vinaigrette – a simple rich vinaigrette that’s so good, you’ll end up licking the spoon! It can be put together in 5 minutes flat. A vinaigrette or vinaigrette dressing is a sauce made typically of oil, vinegar, and seasonings. The simple rule for a vinaigrette is to mix 1 part […]