Mango Ginger Pannacotta

Mango Ginger Panna cotta


The Mango Ginger Panna cotta is creamy and delectable with a hint of ginger and layer of mango. This is a winning combination and a party delight.

Panna cotta is the easiest thing to make. I first made this at work, when catering to a graduation party. It was an instant hit. I made these in 3-ounce delights for a crowd of 35 people, making 75 Cups. Took me 30 minutes to prepare. The only thing I had to mind is to remember to let the mango layer set before I added the ginger layer.

What is Panna cotta?

A sweetened creamy confection thickened by gelatin and flavored by just about everything – vanilla, coffee, lavender and in this case mango and ginger. Panacotta, meaning cooked cream, is an Italian dessert. Its origin is kind of a question. Some claim its from Northern Italy but there is little or no literature to confirm this. What I know is that it is delicious.

Panna cotta in My Rambles

Panna cotta is one of the desserts that I am happy to have been introduced to my rambles in the United States of America. I had it first in Pittsburgh, PA during winter. The snow was falling gently and we were finishing dinner at an Italian restaurant. After a scrumptious dinner, we decided to end the meal with a shot of bourbon and Pannacotta. As I was waiting for the order I googled what it was, its history and geography and so on…

Then it arrived. This little cylindrical vanilla wonder sitting in a small pool of raspberry sauce, surrounded by fresh fruits. It was heavenly. Since then, I have been obsessed with making different flavors of panna cotta

Mango Ginger Pannacotta

Mango Ginger Panacotta

Now, this where I combine my Indian roots with my rambles. Ginger, is a ubiquitous ingredient in every Indian household. We wake up ginger flavored tea. And it pairs marvelously with Mango. It’s summer and mango season. If I was back home in India right now, I will be tripping on mangoes all day and week and month. We get so many varieties!

This panna cotta is layered, first with thickened fresh mango juice. I have used Alphonso mangoes. You can use any ripe variety you like. The second layer is the ginger flavored pannacotta. When the creamy, zinged panna cotta touched your tongue married with the sweet-tart mango, you will dance a jig, trust me!

I created this dessert as a final course for a very talented young lady graduating college. The dessert is as fresh and vibrant as this beautiful girl. Her friends had seconds and thirds. I was just glad I remembered that I was catering to a college crowd.

Recipe Notes

  1. I steeped ginger in water and boiled on high heat to extract the ginger flavor. I did not want to steep the ginger directly into the cream as it might curdle.
  2. The amount of ginger extract depends on how strong the ginger is. You want a delicate taste, not a pungent strong one. So when adding the ginger extract, taste and add as you go along.
  3. The Mango puree should be smooth, not fibrous. If you are unsure, strain with a fine mesh or chinois.
  4. You can use plant-based Agar Agar powder instead of Gelatin.

Add Spiced Candied Pecans on top when serving for a satisfying crunch.

I made this pannacotta without taking stepwise pictures. I apologize. My only excuse is I was making them for an event and wholly concentrated on the end result. I will post the steps in the coming weeks.

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Mango Ginger Pannacotta
Mango Ginger Panna cotta
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Chilling Time
8 hrs
Total Time
20 mins

Creamy and delectable with a hint of ginger and layer of mango. This is a winning combination and a party delight. 

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: #pannacotta, dessert, easy, ginger, mango, party
Servings: 12 servings
Calories: 387 kcal
Mango Layer
  • 500 ml Fresh Mango Puree about 3 Cups
  • 50 grams Granulated Sugar
  • 10 grams Unflavored Gelatin or Agar Agar about 1 Tablespoon
Ginger Layer
  • 1000 ml Heavy Cream about 4 Cups
  • 250 ml Whole Milk almost 1.5 cups
  • 100 grams Granulated Sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 15 grams Unflavored Gelatin or Agar Agar About 1.5 Tablespoons
  • 100 grams Ginger
  • 1 Cup Water
  1. Have twelve 5 ounce glasses, containers or ramekins washed and ready

For Mango Layer
  1. Heat 2.5 Cups (625 grams) of Mango Puree and Sugar till it is hot to touch. Don't let it boil over. 

  2. In the meantime, sprinkle gelatin over the remaining Mango puree (125 grams). Set aside for 5-10 minutes. The gelatin will dissolve and the mixture will thicken resembling a paste. 

  3. Add the 1/2 Cup of the warm puree into the gelatin mixture whisking to make sure there are no lumps. Now whisk this mixture into the rest of the warm puree. This way you will avoid those pesky lumps that are so undesirable in a pannacotta. 

  4. Divide the mixture evenly among the prepared glasses/ramekins. You can either pour half way or a quarter of the cups. Let it set in the refrigerator for an hour/ hour and a half. 

For the Ginger Layer
  1. Smash or cut the Ginger in smaller pieces. I like to use the mortar and pestle and crush the ginger.

  2. Bring Ginger and water to a boil and reduce it a quarter cup of concentrated ginger flavored water. Set aside 

  3. Heat the cream and 2/3 of the whole milk with sugar and salt over low heat until it is steaming hot. Remove from the heat. Stir in the ginger water. 

  4. In the meantime, dissolve gelatin in the remaining 1/3 of the milk and set aside for 10 minutes.

  5. Add the 1/2 Cup of the warm cream mixture into the gelatin mixture whisking to make sure there are no lumps. Now whisk this mixture into the rest of the warm cream. This way you will avoid those pesky lumps that are so undesirable in a pannacotta. 

  6. Divide the mixture carefully and evenly on top of the set mango layer in the ramekins pouring it to the top. Let it set in the refrigerator for overnight or 6 hours at least. 

  7. Grab a spoon and enjoy. 

Recipe Notes
  • If you are using canned mango puree, don't add the sugar.
  • After adding the gelatin to the entire quantity of cream, if you think or see the gelatin has not dissolved completely, strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer or chinois. 
  • Taste the cream mixture after adding the ginger. If you want a stronger ginger flavor, make more of the ginger water and add.
  • You can try adding 2 teaspoons of ginger powder to the cream mixture instead but strain the mixture before filling the ramekins. 
  • The panna cotta stays in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. 
Nutrition Facts
Mango Ginger Panna cotta
Amount Per Serving
Calories 387 Calories from Fat 279
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 31g 48%
Saturated Fat 19g 95%
Cholesterol 116mg 39%
Sodium 95mg 4%
Potassium 194mg 6%
Total Carbohydrates 23g 8%
Sugars 19g
Protein 4g 8%
Vitamin A 34.2%
Vitamin C 19.5%
Calcium 8.4%
Iron 0.8%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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