Persimmon Salad

Fennel, Escarole, Persimmon Salad, Cashew-Butter Vinaigrette


Fennel, Escarole, Persimmon Salad with a Cashew Butter Vinaigrette tastes just as exotic as it sounds. A light salad with simple autumn seasonal ingredients, that get tossed together in a flavorful vinaigrette.

During fall/autumn season, I don’t really get much exercise. Sure, I go for a swim once a week, but I don’t take those long walks like in summer. Plus it gets darker soon, and you get tired at the end of the day and my excuses go on and on. What I think the real reason is, that, autumn weather makes me lazy!

And, I don’t know why, but I crave hot soups to warm those cold nights. And leafy salads with falls abundant bounty like squashes, persimmons, root vegetables and all those gorgeous greens for my lunch. Give me a big bowl full of these beauties and I will happily munch while toiling away at work.

Persimmon Salad
Persimmons at the farmers market in California

Persimmons are those wonders that look like an heirloom tomato at the first glance. The ancient Greeks called it “divine fruit”. This is a fall fruit, very seasonal. Originally from Japan, it is now grown in India, Burma, Australia. In the United States, it is predominantly grown in California. So yay! for me. And the farmers market is full of these beauties. 

When the persimmons are ripe, they will turn from glossy yellow-orange to red-orange. You can eat them either way. I like them when they start to turn reddish but not quite all the way through. Their delicate and sweet flavor will blow you away. They are an excellent source of fiber and low in calories and fat. In other words, good for you!

Persimmon Salad
Spin dry in a salad spinner

This Persimmon Salad has escarole, which is only slightly bitter to pair beautifully with the sweetness of persimmons and fennel. The richness of cashew butter vinaigrette rounds off this healthy, delicious salad. I added my Spiced Candied Pecans for that nut crunch in my salad.

The salad spinner I use – Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner, Green and White

Fennel, Escarole, Persimmon Salad, Cashew-Butter Vinaigrette

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Passive Time For 2 people

A light salad with simple autumn seasonal ingredients, that get tossed together in a flavorful vinaigrette.


  • 2 Persimmons
  • 1 small bunch Escarole, torn by hand (substitute red leaf Lettuce with a handful of kale instead)
  • 1 small bunch Bok Choy leaves
  • 1/2 Fennel thinly sliced (I used a mandoline slicer)
  • 1/4 wedge of Aged White Chedder Cheese, cut into 1/4” cubes (About 15 cubes)
  • 3 Tablespoons sliced Scallions


  1. Wash Escarole and Bok Choy. Tear the Escarole by hand. Plunge them both in a ice water bath for 5 minutes to crisp them up. Drain. Using a salad spinner or paper towels, dry them throughly.
  2. Cut Persimmons into wedges.
  3. Dress the leaves in the vinaigrette
  4. Top with persimmons, white cheddar cheese, scallions and pecans.
  5. Drizzle with some more vinaigrette (Optional)
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